Daily evolution of the average air temperature in mainland Portugal

Monitoring the daily evolution of air temperature, especially in a context of climate change in which there has been a greater intensity and frequency of extreme heat events and the occurrence of adverse cold situations, is very important for the various sectors, but in particularly for health, given the negative effects of excessive heat or cold on the population.
This page presentes the daily and weekly evolution of the average values ​​of maximum, average and minimum of air temperature in mainland Portugal, in the last 365 days, based on observations in about 90 automatic weather stations, compared to the monthly average values ​​of the 1971-2000 period.

Tmax_daily, Tmed_daily and Tmin_daily designate, respectively, daily maximum, average and minimum temperature.
Tmax_weekly, Tmed_weekly and Tmin_weekly designate, respectively, weekly maximum, average and minimum temperature.
Tmax_7100, Tmed_7100 and Tmin_7100 designate, respectively, maximum, average and minimum temperature of the average monthly values ​​in the 1971-2000 period (Climate Normal).