Weather Report Bulletin for Agriculture (BMA)

Following the development of new products to provide users with the appropriate meteorological information, the IPMA, IP (IM) has sought to improve the information contained in the Weather Report for agriculture and thus adapt it to the current needs of users.

Following the preparation and submission of a new prototype model of the BMA, in 2010, now begins a new series of this Bulletin, with a new format, launched in January 2011.

This new BMA has some changes in content and format, it will be monthly, but with information regarding every decade of the month. It will be available only to subscribers in digital format, through e-mail or other electronic medium.

It is available here the special opening issue, No zero, of the new BMA, which includes information concerning the first months of the crop year of 2010-2011.

The contents of this new bulletin are reserved for subscribers who confirm their interest. The price of the annual subscription will be maintained, as well as the previous forms of payment. To confirm your subscription or to begin a new subscription, please contact the Commercial Division via fax 21 846 21 71, e-mail ( or by phone 218 447 000

The No.1 Bulletin of this new version, for January 2011 is now available. The remaining reports will be published in the month following the month to which they relate.

In this area of agrometeorology of IPMA website, new content will be available free of charge, namely, daily maps relating to some useful parameters for the agricultural sector.