Water in soil percentage

The Soil Water Index (AS), the soil moisture index (SMI) product of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), is available for RUN 00 UTC t+0, ECMWF-HRES, and has 16 km resolution. It considers the variation of the values of percentage of water in the soil (average 0-100 cm depth), in relation to the water capacity usable by the plants, between the permanent wilting point (PEP) and the field capacity (CC) and the efficiency evaporation to increase linearly between 0% and 100%. Dark orange when AS≤PEP; between orange and blue it considers PEP<AS<CC, varying between 1% and 99%; and dark blue when AS>CC. The map uses the DRAP boundaries (Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Directorates).