Dynamic map - MSG4 satellite


Product Description


Images obtained by the SEVIRI sensor onboard the satellite Meteosat geostationary European Second Generation (MSG), corresponding to the thermal infrared channel centered at 10.8 micrometers. In this images brightness temperatures are represented; the higher (warmer) appear in darker shades (corresponding to continental surfaces). The colors from gray to white indicates cloud tops at various altitudes; the highest tops, then cooler appear white.

MSG-10.8 - High/cool clouds

Images obtained by the SEVIRI sensor onboard the European geostationary satellite Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), corresponding to the channel thermal infrared, centered on 10.8 micrometers. In these images of brightness temperature are represented; in dark tones arise continental surfaces (warmer). Clouds, with the tops different elevations, are represented in gray scale. Brightness temperatures below -28 º C appear in the color scale of blue to red, indicating large vertical development clouds.

Air mass

Images obtained by the combination of 4 channels in the infrared band of the SEVIRI sensor on board the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), centered on 6.2 uM, 7.3 uM, 9.7 m and 10.8 micrometers. Are used for example in the discrimination of air masses (warm tropical air with low ozone concentration comes in shades of green, polar air, cold and high concentration of ozone, comes in shades of blue), thick clouds with tops at high levels the atmosphere appear to white and intrusion zones air estatosférico, cyclogenesis indicator, appear in reddish tones.