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The Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute, I. P. released a new application for smartphones with the weather forecast information for over 300 locations in Portugal. The technology that supports this prediction brings together the best global meteorological model developed and operated by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, with high-resolution models operated by IPMA, and yet the information collected by our meteorological stations and the stations all organizations that collaborate with us.


By offering hourly forecasts for the atmosphere and the sea state are aware of the risks, particularly with regard to predicting the precipitation. The climatic characteristics of Portugal and the very local scales of precipitation and wind in mountainous regions contribute to the great difficulty of this determination. The methodology used is very sophisticated but only the interaction with users will be the critical test of its quality and usefulness, approaching the institute of your most important goal: service to citizens.

These new applications are the result of a development project, and were designed taking into account increased access to information through such devices. This way of communicating content has very particular characteristics, for which they needed some adjustments and development of applicational.


Applications developed, are free and are available at the apple store and play google.

Available versions provide meteorological information related to the prediction of the state time to over 300 locations in the Portuguese territory.

  • forecast state time up to 9 days;
  • information with hourly resolution, up to three days and three-hourly up to 5 days;
  • sea ​​state forecasting and ultraviolet index;
  • Detailed information about weather warnings, by district and / or region;
  • institutional news;

Applications available, version 0. *, IPMA are free.


The new generation of applications based on a simple and intuitive interface, enabling anytime and anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G access, refer to the information provided.

How to access information?

First of all, it is necessary that the telephone device that uses one of two technologies, android and iphone, allowing access to content provided by IPMA. It is also necessary that the connection that has contracted with the telephone company gives access to this type of content (for more information should count your mobile carrier).

Next you should look for the application in the application repository that the system uses.

IPhone (meteo @ ipma)

icon.small_appleEnter the "iPhone market" and search for "Weather @ IPMA" designation for which application is known applications of the apple market. Proceed with usual process for technology apple, application installation on your device.

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Android (meteo @ ipma)

icon.small_androidEnter  the "play google" and search for "Weather @ IPMA" designation for which application is known in the android market. Proceed with usual process for android technology, application installation on your device.

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