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The Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere, i.P has developed a new application for smartphones related to seismic activity with real-time monitoring.

The sismos@IPMA application is free and it is an updated version of the previous application, which is already available for download from the Apple Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android).


The information reported by the sismos@IPMA is obtained from data generated by the IPMA seismic surveillance system, distributed by the Operational Centers of the Mainland and the Azores, using the national seismic network installed in the Mainland and in the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. The information is then supplemented with seismic stations belonging to other national and international entities.

With regard to earthquakes originating further from the national territory, only information is available from those recorded by the instrumentation of the seismic network operating in Portugal, typically only those of magnitude greater than 5.0.

The app sismos@IPMA has the following features:

  • research in the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days of information
  • location, using a map, of seismic events
  • presentation of information in tabular format
  • interaction with macrosismic information
  • links for completing the macrosismic survey
  • visualization of shakemaps
  • link to the IPMA twitter


The versions available offering seismic data of the Portuguese territory.

  • locations of seismic events ;
  • 7 days information;
  • seismological reported;
  • institutional news;
  • measures in case of earthquake;
  • list of emergency equipment;

This new version was developed safeguarding compatibility with the latest versions of the Android and iOS system, thus responding to the growing access to information through these devices (see direct links below).

If you witness an earthquake it is important that you complete the IPMA macro-seismic questionnaire available both in the application and on our website.

In this way we can study the phenomenon better:


How to access information?

First of all, it is necessary that the telephone device uses one of the two technologies, Android or iOS, thus allowing access to the content provided by IPMA. It is also necessary that the connection you have contracted with the telephone operator allows access to this type of content (for more information, you should contact your mobile operator).

Then you must search for the application in the application repository of the system you use.

icon.small_apple IPhone (sismos@ipma)

You will need to access the "iPhone market" and search for "sismos@IPMA", the name by which the application is known for the Apple application market. Proceed with the usual process, for apple technology, to install the application on your device.

Access Apple Store »»

icon.small_android Android (sismos@ipma)

You will need to access "Google Play" and search for "sismos@IPMA", the name by which the application is known in the android application market. Proceed with the usual process, for android technology, of installing the application on your device.

Access Google Play »»