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Precipitation probability (3 hours integration)
Temperature / Felt temperature
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Forecast quality

Check the quality of the weather forecast for the maximum and minimum air temperature elaborated 1, 4 and 7 days in advance.

About the symbols used


More about the Forecasts

  • The forecasts available in this page are obtained automatically using statistical post-processing methods on dynamical forecasts (from ECMWF and AROME) and are updated twice a day.
  • Due to the intrinsic nature of the atmosphere, in some events, the weather may not be accurately forecasted by the numerical models. Therefore, these forecasts may be different from the ones issued by forecasters because they have additional and updated information, so the the user is advised to check these forecasts and any warnings.
  • To asses the forecast uncertainty for precipitation, two values of probability are shown:
    a) in the daily overview, the probability shown is for precipitation equal or above 1 mm in 24 h. This value is useful to check how likely it is to rain/snow during that day;
    b) in the hourly/3h forecasts, the probability shown is for precipitation equal or above 0.3 mm in the last 3h. This value is useful to assess the time of the day when precipitation is more likely to occur. In high uncertainty events (e.g. showers and thunderstorms), one must be aware that precipitation may occur regardless of the value of probability shown.
  • The Felt Temperature is an apparent temperature, that combines the effects of the wind speed and relative humidity.
  • The forecasts are given in UTC. In Mainland and Madeira the local standard time in winter is the same as UTC, whereas in summer it is UTC+1. In Azores the local standard time is UTC-1 or UTC, respectively in winter and summer.